Marby & Elm Store is a letterpress design studio based in Exmouth Market London.

Eleanor Tattersfield

Founder of Marby & Elm store

We produce a range of stationery which combines contemporary design & colour with traditional methodology and sensibility. Our stationery range includes the use of vintage type and hand drawn lettering with our distinctive fluoro inks. Our new stationery sundries to compliment our range are now available.



The Studio


Marby & Elm Store's studio space is at 53 Exmouth Market, London. I print using an Adana 8x5 and an Adana flatbed Q H with metal and wood type ranging from 6 point Gill Sans to 72 point Caslon Old Face type. I also use illustrative blocks made from my own drawings alongside vintage illustrative blocks.

The letterpress printing process is a time consuming but highly rewarding one. It involves setting up movable metal or wood type, inking them and then pressing the letters to force an indentation in the paper. The result is a de-bossed impression which when you run your fingers along it feels and looks very different to mass- produced digital print. Each piece of card or paper is hand –cut, printed with hand- mixed ink and hand-fed into the letterpress printer to create a uniquely crafted piece of stationery.